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Title: A mini-rant on sign-offs
Post by: shiroryu on February 07, 2008, 03:04:49 AM
<somewhat deep breath>

People need to stop qualifying their e-mail salutations. 'Regards, <name>' is a perfectly good one - until the opposite side responds  with 'Warm regards'. Now if I reply with 'Regards' he'll feel slighted. It's like the Arms Race of Salutations - there's an escalation in the offing. What should I go with? 'Warmer Regards'? 'Hot Regards' - no, that's misleading. "Regards from Hell?" That's as warm as you can get.

Solution is simple - stick to regards, people.

Title: Re: A mini-rant on sign-offs
Post by: Kulyok on February 07, 2008, 03:18:03 AM
I feel the same about happy birthday threads. If I reply "Happy Birthday! :) " and people post simple "Happy Birthday." afterwards, I feel naive and fluffy. If I post a serious "Happy Birthday." and people post "Happy Birthday! :) (a wide array of crazy smilies afterwards)", I feel like a grouch.

Then again, there's this horrible "two bottles of beer" smiley at Studios - each time I see it, I feel vindicated, for surely, no one will be as (whatever) as to actually use it.

As for e-mail, I just more or less stopped putting in "Cheers", "Regards" and other stuff, except for the formal correspondence at work, where my signature is standardized. It's mostly "no beginning, no end, just the actual information/gossip/stuff" in my letters.