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Title: missing .bif from TOSC
Post by: Taugosz Tenhammer on December 17, 2006, 01:46:48 PM
This is about the umpteenth time I have played BG1 and TOSC.  I am really excited about it this time, because I am going solo as a F/M/T.  This has never happened before, but I think I am missing the bif file from CD 6 AREA 0515.  I am in the next to last level in Durlag's Tower, with all the green acid puddles.  I have made it to the throne room and clicked on the throne, and nothing happens.  So, I went past Islanne(ghost), to the next place where you can be transported to the room where you get grilled on Fuernibol, and the like.  Still, nothing happens.  I explored the disc, and never could find AREA0515.  Should I try to use one of those data recovery software programs for CDs, in hopes that it can pick it up?  I would really like to finish this, and then go beat the pants off Sarevok.  I also explored C/Program Files/Black Isle, and no luck there.  Any help is appreciated. 
Title: Re: missing .bif from TOSC
Post by: Miloch on December 17, 2006, 02:00:24 PM
In my experience, a lot of issues like this are due to installation glitches, sometimes because of media defects as you suggest.  You can try cleaning out the cache, temp and tempsave folders, though that may not help much.  Otherwise I'd take a look at the CD and see if it's damaged.  A lot of times you can fix it by just a simple cleaning, or a CD scratch remover (you can get these cheap at most computer and audio stores) and reinstall.

If you want to see if you can read the actual area, get something like Near Infinity (http://www.idi.ntnu.no/~joh/ni/download.html) and browse to that area file (AR0515.ARE).  If you can't read it, that's definitely a problem hopefully the above should fix.
Title: Re: missing .bif from TOSC
Post by: Taugosz Tenhammer on December 18, 2006, 01:05:36 PM
Well, I got  Near Infinity, and opened up the chitin file.  I can see that there is an AREA0515, and I can even see maps of it.  The compass wardstone works to open the door to the throne room, but won't teleport me to the Stone Golem room.  Even after I answer the Golem's questions about the "family history", it's supposed to send me there.  I don't know what else to do.  I would like to be able to salvage this game, maybe just uninstall and reinstall all over again.  Would I make backups of the character files and the save game folders?  Thanks. 
Title: Re: missing .bif from TOSC
Post by: Miloch on December 18, 2006, 04:18:49 PM
Well now it just sounds like something's not triggering properly.  Do you have the latest TotSC patch from Bioware?  Do you have other mods installed?  If you just want a quick workaround for your current game, try this.  Back up your saved game (copy or zip the folder somewhere), add the line "Debug Mode=1" under the "[Program Options]" heading of your baldur.ini file.  Start the game again and press Ctrl+Space to display the console window. Type: CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("AR0515") and press enter.  That should take you to the area - if it doesn't crash, then there's probably no problem with the area and it's a variable not getting set properly or something.