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Title: MacEasyTutu beta 1 is ready for testing!
Post by: Gorilym on September 29, 2006, 08:46:24 AM
I've been working on making a Mac-compatible version of Macready's EasyTutu, and in my own testing - which includes a "speed run" from Candlekeep to the Undercity final battle - it's working flawlessly. For any who aren't aware, EasyTutu is a "next generation Tutu" of sorts - with new features like fixed spawn points, an improved journaling system, lots of bugfixes not found in even the latest Tutufix release and a greatly simplified installation process. The package I've put together includes everything you need to get EasyTutu up and running - except for the actual BG1 and BG2 discs ;) - and the installation is basically a drag-and-drop process at the moment (instructions are included in the archive). Bear in mind that this is currently a TotSC-ToB package - other conversions such as TotSC-SoA, BG1-SoA & BG1-ToB should be supportable in the future - if you want to help out with making this happen, send me a PM.

Until more testing's been done I'm calling it a beta version, and since the archive is an unwieldy ~45 MB I'd like to limit downloads to people who are actually interested in testing - send me a PM and I'll send you the link.