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Title: STRING_SET & ilk
Post by: WizWom on September 10, 2006, 07:47:01 AM
What is the problem with STRING_SET, STRING_SET_EVALUATE, STRING_SET_RANGE, and !<int> <sting>?
  Is there a bug in their code, or is it just that they are dangerous?
  Is it that they would require re-hashing of the Dialog.tlk stings that change?

The STRING_SET would seem to be the proper way to do game text fixes, like spelling error corrections and missing text corrections.
Title: Re: STRING_SET & ilk
Post by: SimDing0 on September 10, 2006, 07:56:24 AM
STRING_SET was, once upon a time, dangerous because it couldn't be uninstalled save for horrible hacks. These days, it can be. It's widely acknowledged that "do not use" in the WeiDU readme means "see if there's another way you can do this first". (Or jokingly, "this is really useful", but that's not a helpful translation.)

!strref is marked as "do not use" because Weimer didn't see the need for it. We feature-requested it for DLTC, but nobody's ever used it since. As far as I'm aware, it doesn't work properly in combination with non-!strref strings.
Title: Re: STRING_SET & ilk
Post by: Andyr on September 10, 2006, 08:15:56 AM
I used it in my spelling/grammar patches for Minto's Tower of Iron Will, as he'd made it a non-WeiDU mod. But that's about the only place I can think of.