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Title: Need Help with a Weird Windows XP Problem
Post by: torvald on September 17, 2005, 12:21:20 PM
Am new to using Windows XP, so need advice on how to resolve a weird problem I'm having. ???

All of our family computers have been run on Windows 98SE until last week, when I upgraded two of them to Windows XP. Everything seemed to be working well for a couple of days, but there is now a rather annoying and baffling problem.

The problem happens after a 3-1/2 diskette is formatted in either of the Windows XP computers. The diskette works just fine on whichever computer formatted it, but when it is inserted into the other Windows XP computer, the disk drive spins like crazy, makes a racket, and then gives an error message saying the diskette is not formatted.

The Windows XP formatted diskettes seem to work okay when put into my old Windows 98SE computer. Also, the diskettes formatted in my Windows 98SE computer seem to work just fine when inserted into either Windows XP computer. This indicates the diskette readability problem is being caused by Windows XP, as it's just the two Windows XP computers that argue over the diskettes they format.

I've run a McAfee antivirus check, AdAware spyware removal, Microsoft Reg Cleaner, Scandisk and Defrag, but no luck so far. This glitch is making me worried I've somehow goofed up the Windows XP installs. However, the only thing I can recall doing differently during the install process was to format the Harddrives using my old Windows 98 startup diskette instead of using the format command on the Windows XP CD. (I did that to make it easier to dual boot.)

If anyone can provide advice, it would be greatly appreciated. ;D

- Torvald -