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Posted by: JLE
« on: September 04, 2018, 12:14:36 AM »

Well, I finished the abovementioned run, several years after forgetting about it.

Keto was very much fun. I did however miss the fact that she had no TOB content. I doubt we'll see any now, but I can still live in hope...

Is she EE-compliant for the latest version, at least?
Posted by: JLE
« on: October 27, 2015, 11:25:59 PM »

Ooops, forgot to log in before previous posting. Just going to add that (a) I really enjoyed playing with her in the party, and (b) I rather like having bards in the party in general because I have pretty much worked out how to make best use of them. Especially when they really start to kick monster butt - or rather, help the rest of the party to do so - when they get to Improved Bard Song (which, with TOB installed, you can get to while still in SOA.) But she's still been as good as anybody in the earlier periods of BG1 - her biggest personal kill so far is the Shadow Dragon (a spell sequencer with double magic missiles, after the dragon was hit with two Lower Resistances from Keto and Nalia, a couple of good solid thumps from Minsc and Jaheira, a Holy Smite or two from my protagonist (Adrianus, the pure-class Cleric of Lathander), and a couple of Fireballs for good measure while summoned cannon-fodder kept her busy. The only one who didn't achieve anything in the battle was Yoshimo - who of course I kept because of replacing him with Imoen later, but he already proved his worth in other ways. And her story about him was actually rather touching, where she actually made him posthumously into what he'd always wanted to be, "THE Yoshimo".

Okay, I'm using one of the mods which gives the "un-nerfed bard spell progression table", but I think even with the nerfed version, Keto could have used a Lower Resistance since it's a 5th-level spell, or alternatively could have used it from a scroll...

And when it comes to picking pockets she's been *invaluable*, with or without a couple of master thieving potions. I think the Drow merchants of the Underdark had not a single magical item left between them, by the time she'd finished, although she had to sell them on to the Duergar outside Ust-Natha... In fact I've had to really be careful not to *really* cheat with pickpocketing by selling the same item to the same vendor twice, but I have no qualms about selling the same item to a number of different fences who accept stolen goods, once each...
Posted by: JLE
« on: October 27, 2015, 11:09:09 PM »

Just to tack belatedly on to this thread - I just did a BG2 run with Keto.

Well, okay, it's not complete yet, I got to Chapter 6, talked to Bernard, did her competition, and had what I suspect is the best ending to the competition (with her Yoshimo story).

Just wondering, is there any further follow-up? Her letters, or a discovery of the true circumstances of how she lost her memory - and who was really responsible for the other death (other than the pile of orcs)?

Or was that slated to be the hook for TOB Keto content?
Posted by: jcompton
« on: December 28, 2013, 01:06:13 PM »

Keto's a very special character, it's true. Glad you're enjoying having her in the party so much!

(Usual "Keto TOB before I'm eligible for Social Security!" disclaimer here.)
Posted by: ibanix
« on: December 27, 2013, 01:39:19 AM »

Have had Keto with me in the party since the beginning of my most recent playthrough, and she has been tremendously fun as a character. The voice acting in particular was superb. I grin every time my party gets tired and "So, who feels like another twenty hours marching? No one?" goes off.

The bard competition / Keto's past was also good, but I was hoping for a follow up quest.

My only complaint (a small one!) is no romance option. For the love of all that is holy, you created a female NPC who DOESN'T have separation anxiety (Aerie), isn't a stuffy bitch (Jaheria), isn't constantly prattling on about freeing the huddled masses (Nalia), and doesn't constantly try to put you down or go nuts (Viconia)! A woman who actually has a sense of humor! Not making a romance here is like an apple pie I can smell but not eat D: