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Posted by: Guest
« on: March 12, 2003, 06:31:15 AM »

Äääähhhh....Prot from Undead wont work. Demiliches casts Dispel on himself and when your smashing him, your prot will be dispeld.
and the normal liches cant see you so they call you back then you have no buffs and no prot f undead.                    
Posted by: Kish
« on: March 12, 2003, 02:22:34 AM »

@ Blackmamuth: I think Aerie & Korgan are compatible (not completly sure)
                   They are not.
There is a big differnce between 100% magic res. & prot from magical energy, AFAIK prot from magical energy makes you immune to magic damge but doesn't protect you from things like Imprisonment.
Magic resistance won't protect you from Imprisonment either.                    
Posted by: Brannin Vael
« on: March 11, 2003, 10:29:33 PM »

I've used the simulacrum/image to cast a scroll of Protection from Magic on spell using enemies and it does work very well indeed. Very cheesy. Almost too cheesy for me since it really makes most battles too easy...but it still hasn't stopped me from using it from time to time...  :D                    
Posted by: Blackmamuth
« on: March 11, 2003, 12:59:49 PM »

heh; I usually killed Kangaxx wit Prot from Undead Scrolls; but then there is no challenge in it right?

Aerie and Korgan are incompatible... (after a while) they leave and fight

I tought that the point in using Prot from Magic is using it on the Bad guy; I read somewhere that it prevents them to cast spells:

salmalucrum: cas Protection from magic AT Kangaxx--> no more inprisonement and nasty spells---> kick hiss ass badly

repeat with every nasty spellcaster ---> never tried this; it works?                    
Posted by: Tyrus
« on: March 11, 2003, 12:50:24 PM »

@ Guest: their immunity to normal weapons is irritating because they cast prot. magic weapons and wow, their immune to all weapons.

The traps, oh yes that is cheesy.


@ Blackmamuth: I think Aerie & Korgan are compatible (not completly sure) but it wouldn't help picking up Korgan because he cannot use Azuredge because of alignment limitations.


There is a big differnce between 100% magic res. & prot from magical energy, AFAIK prot from magical energy makes you immune to magic damge but doesn't protect you from things like Imprisonment.                    
Posted by: Blackmamuth
« on: March 11, 2003, 12:41:23 PM »

yeah; i already have the guide... don't play tactics without that one...  :lol:

but the fact is that i don't have anyone with proficiencies with axe... so trying that one is pretty hard... (i have aerie so picking Korgan is not an option...)

i could use Shadowkeeper to get Axe proficiencies but i don't like doing things like that... cheese is OK, cheating not...

Does cast the protection from magin in the Lich works? Userunfriendly guide didn't say anything about that...

Posted by: Guest
« on: March 11, 2003, 12:34:46 PM »

so they are inmune to non magical weapons? Damn; my new tactic is worthless; i'm facing liches; and the Kensay ryu one... (heh; the one in the unseeing eye quest was really a hard one...) took loots of reloading... (damn teleport field) ---> enterd with te other door to the Undead city; so i could clean the city before facing him; put some traps in his spawn point triggered him... [-- cheesy but works

kangaxx: inmune to weapons lesser than +4
a lot of Phisical resistance; 90% or so

Strategies againist Kangaxx? Prot from magic from ribald or undead or SI abjuration (found at the spider lair in the grave district)and +4 weapons.. at least in the Non improved one; i didn't play the upgraded one... yet...

you can also cas the protection from magic in kangaxx himself also; someone told me that it works...
Posted by: Caedwyr
« on: March 11, 2003, 12:21:00 PM »

Here is the relevant section from the Cheese Guide:

Tactical Abuses

Fun with Azuredge(Userunfriendly)
I have, in my last run thru the game with wes weimer's tactics mod, of which i cannot praise enough, came up with some fun things to do with azuredge to make mincemeat out of some supposedly "tough" challenges...sorry wes,,,
the lich in the docks, near the thieves guild, has been considered a really tough enemy, due to uninterruptable timestop, cast via scroll and some nasty scripted spells...but simply cast improved haste on a fighter, save the game and send in the fighter soon as your fighter sees the lich, ignore everyone else, attack the lich...with specialization in axes, you have about a 40% chance of undead blasting the lich with the first 2-4 see, the lich puts up as its defenses protection from spells a straight ranged attack from a undead disrupting weapon will most likely kill it immediately...then have the fighter kill the other undead using azuredge, and you clean up...
Most of the really nasty liches in SOA can be killed by a fast, ambush with azuredge...the lich in Ust Natha is vulnerable to attack by azuredge...the kangaxx guardians in the tactics mod is not quite vulnerable, there are two liches, one puts up physical protections first, the other spell protections, so send in a fighter with elemental protection, and protection from magic energy (their scripts run abu dahzims and firebased spells) and attack the lich with spell protections up first (high feedback, which you can set up in the options screen of the game helps in figuring out which is which) and kill it fast, kill off the other undead, and wait for the protection from magic weapons to wear off, or kill it by other anti-undead tactics... the shade lich and elemental lich can be attacked while still blue circle using azuredge, before they get physical protections up.  Also, in tob almost all the liches are vulnerable to ranged azuredge attacks...and if you have the item upgrade mod installed, you are better off with upgrading azuredge rather than mace of disruption....the +5 version will destroy kangaxx fast...almost all the liches in the game puts up magical protection up first in their scripts, and this makes them very vulnerable to unsporting evil tricks like this...this trick is particularly nasty if you like stacking haste and improved haste, you can get into range fast, with the movement bonuses of both haste and improved haste, and the improved haste gives you enough attacks per round to really get the one hit you need to undead blast the lich or what ever undead is the most powerful in a group...
Posted by: Tyrus
« on: March 11, 2003, 12:19:00 PM »

I think the immunities you mentioned are close to the actual immuniities.

Are you talking about the improved guardians of Kangaxx or the lich the that Kensi_Ryu added?

Anyway, the cheesiest way you can kill ANY of them is using Azuredge.

Posted by: blackmamuth
« on: March 11, 2003, 12:14:03 PM »

i know that liches are inmune to level 4 or less spells; but what are his other inmmunities?

they are inmune to Normal weapons? +1?
they have magic resistances? wich ones?

I  really hate The lich in the docks in Tactics mod... Even if I use one of the Prot from Magic from Ribald, the Dragon Fear panickes my pc!!! Damn stupid lich...
if it's not inmune to normal weapons; he's going to see it... (that's the next thing i will try) and there is the possibility to cast the protection from magic in the lich Himself, someone told me that that makes the lich unable to cast... is that true? [-- has userunfrindly that one in his Cheese guide? me doesn't know...