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Posted by: weimer
« on: October 07, 2002, 09:00:14 PM »

I would love to see a zip of that saved game.                    
Posted by: Tag
« on: October 07, 2002, 07:00:23 AM »

IIRC I saw that error message at the Spectator chest too, but the chest wasn't locked and everything played out properly. If I've got a save reasonably close to that point I'll try and replicate it if you're still interested.                    
Posted by: Althernai
« on: October 05, 2002, 05:10:03 PM »

That's a pity.

I agree with you on Jaheira leaving being a bug - even if you wanted roleplaying, there is simply no way out of the Fish City or the Underdark except to follow the party.                    
Posted by: weimer
« on: October 05, 2002, 12:15:58 PM »

That's an excellent idea. I tried it myself when I was first implementing it. All uses of the maze opcode are tied to a 2DA file that gives the duration in rounds based on INT. I couldn't find any way around it. :-(

While I admit that it is a problem, in my personal opinion Jaheira's problem with leaving the party is a BG2 bug. It's one of the things that I rebelled against with Solaufein. If they really want that kind of clingy roleplaying realism they could have put in a timer -- if she's out of the party not of her own volition and conscious the whole time for more than a week, say, then she can kill the romance. Anyway.                    
Posted by: Althernai
« on: October 05, 2002, 12:34:37 AM »

Arghhh... I overrode the nearest save before fighting for the Cloak and the next closest one is in the Asylum. I don't think it is significant enough to bother with - the game went on just fine. I cleared all the folders.

I'm not sure what to say about Kelsey ... but you should feel bad if you let him get swallowed by a big fish!

I do feel sorry, but there really isn't anything I could do about it - the fish seemed to like him, it went after him both times. BTW, is there any chance you can replace the Imprisonment effect with a permanent (until the thing dies) Maze? In my case, Imprisonment did nothing to Kelsey and Minsc, but it could mess things up (most notably Jaheira will say "We must make haste to the Harper hold in Athkatla" and leave and the protagonist gets instakilled).                    
Posted by: weimer
« on: October 04, 2002, 11:43:38 PM »

Both of these problems are unique and obscure, leading me to believe that you have a corrupted file somewhere. Delete temp, tempsave and cache and try again.

I didn't have the problem with the chest -- perhaps you can send me a saved game where clicking on the chest gives that message?

I'm not sure what to say about Kelsey ... but you should feel bad if you let him get swallowed by a big fish!                    
Posted by: Althernai
« on: October 04, 2002, 11:08:39 PM »

I have two technical issues regarding the fish city:

1) The chest behind the Spectator Beholder is now locked and gives me this when I first try to open it:

Action Errors:- Action:Chest") Not found. Check for proper brackets
                       Line Number:2

When you pick the lock, it opens just fine, you get the tooth and proceed as usual.

2) When the Minor Avatar imprisoned Kelsey (Swallow Whole), the game crashed. However, upon reloading, he did it again and this time nothing happened and I killed him, so I don't know what was the matter and I can't even duplicate it.

Here is the thing though - I recently played the fish city with a different party. My mod configuration was identical to what it is now except for KelseyToB - which I do not see as messing with the fish city in any way. The crash could be random, but what about the chest.

P.S. Is the Improved Sahuanin City designed to demonstrate the fruitlessness of violence?